Horseback Riding Lessons 

Alberta’s own horse whisperer and owner of Homeplace Ranch, Mac MaKenny, has a true sense of the compassion and awareness that is required to be a horse person. With years of experience under his belt coupled with a great deal of passion, he is a much sought after instructor both on the ground and in the saddle. If you are looking to better appreciate and understand horses while increasing your skill and awareness in communication and partnership with a horse, this is your opportunity.


Join Mac for a one-on-one or group lesson. You will learn horse communication, handling and cues, safe mounting and dismounting, horse control, trail etiquette and trail obstacle navigation. Maximum group size is 4 people.


Lessons run year round (weather permitting), by arrangement with Mac. Phone: 403-969-4444 or email:


 Cost: $150/lesson; or $300/2 lessons; or $600/4 lessons (+ 5% GST)


Friends/Couple/Parent-child Cost: $310 for 2 persons

*Purchase a half-day ride in conjunction with a lesson and receive 20% off the day ride



Connect, Learn & Ride Package  


1 Horse Awareness Session plus 1 Lesson and 1 Half-Day Ride  


Cost: $310/person +5% GST





What to bring:

Footwear is very critical - students must have smooth soled shoes or boots with at least a one inch heel. Riding boots (either Western or English) are great, but dress boots or even rubber boots work well also. As you will be doing some work in the corrals, rubber boots work best if we have had some moisture.

Jeans or long pants, a long sleeved shirt (for riding through the trees), and layers for warmth or light rain are recommended. Do not wear short pants - that do not cover down to the ankle - as riding will be very uncomfortable!

Helmets are optional, but a good idea, especially for junior riders. If a proper riding helmet is not available, a good fitting bicycle helmet or hockey helmet is adequate. A cowboy hat is always acceptable - we love to see our riders share the spirit - but must be secured with a rodeo string (a string under the chin) to avoid the hat blowing off and spooking your horse.


Riders must be at least 7 years old - but there is no maximum age :)

Rider's weight limit is 220 lbs, unless they are very athletic and have long legs. We have a limited number of horses who can carry a big rider, so Mac will use his discretion in accepting riders.

Upon inquiring, please be prepared to give the height, weight and riding level of each participant.

Booking and cancellation:

We will ask you to provide a credit card number for securing the date, (to be used only in the event of last minute cancellation), but that you pay at the time of the lesson - with cash or cheque made out to Homeplace Ranch. Alternately, we can also accept e-transfers to Cancellations will not be charged if more than 48 hours in advance, or by mutual agreement if the weather is bad.

To book a lesson, call Mac directly at 403-969-4444 (cell) or email:

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