Horse Awareness Program


Have you always wanted to feel comfortable around and understand the  connection between human and horse? Well, wait no longer. In the heart of the Alberta Foothills is the Homeplace Ranch, home to Alberta’s own horse whisperer, Mac MaKenny. Join Mac for a one-on-one opportunity to interact with the spirit of the horse and learn from a true cowboy, the gentle way to be with a horse.


During the program you will learn to catch your horse in a field and then safely secure, groom and lead it. You will become familiar with the different types of tack required to care for a horse and above all you will understand how to communicate with your horse through body language and intention.


This program is for everyone, from families wanting to expose their children to horses in a safe environment to adults who have always dreamed of experiencing a special connection with a horse. School groups, special event groups, FIT travelers and corporate groups are welcome.


Classes run year round, and last approximately 1 1/2 hours. Arrange directly with Mac at 403-969-4444, or email:


Cost: $50/person - $25/additional person (+ 5% GST )


*Purchase a day ride or lesson in conjunction with your session and receive 20% off the day ride or lesson



Connect, Learn & Ride Package 


1 Horse Awareness Session plus 1 Lesson and 1 Half-Day Ride 


Cost: $310/person +5%GST